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Wedding Photography

Your wedding is one of the biggest and most spectacular events of your life. You've probably heard it a million times - the day goes so quickly! And it’s so true. That’s why you need a good photographer who will capture all those precious moments for you. 

Those moments that you remember and those that you were unaware of or didn’t get to see. 

Raw emotions, real split second moments…this is what I look for and try to preserve in each and every frame because they create the true story of your day. I would like you to look at your wedding pictures, whether it’s in 2 years or in 20 years and feel like you are living your day again! 

I am outgoing and spontaneous, ready for anything! I try to engage with my customers and help them relax in front of the camera. At the same time I try to blend in and become a part of your wedding, I don’t want to distract from the day – I want to be in the middle of it all and capture those candid and intimate shots.

And I keep smiling, the energy of the day really rubs off and I can’t help but have fun with you and your guests!

Before each wedding I meet up with the couple for a coffee and cake.Don’t worry if you live far away, Skype is fine too (they just don’t do cake!). I want to find out about your vision and expectations and get to know you better. 

The best way to see whether we are a match is through an engagement session. It’s also a good test run before the wedding. 

So can I tempt you for some coffee and cake?





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